— Adam Lambert, Queen

You IS Elton!”

— Meghan Trainor

Welcome to The Rocket Man Show!

Hi everyone, Rus Anderson here. Welcome to The Rocket Man Show - my fantastic tribute to Elton John, currently featured in Elton's 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' world tour & 'Clash Of The Cover Bands' on E!

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I'm super excited to announce that I am Elton John's official body double for various 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' world tour videos & photos!

I was picked by Elton to recreate highlights of his career in virtual reality and it was the most amazing experience of my whole life!

Together with Elton's team, we magically recreated his US debut Troubadour gig from 1970, his LA Dodgers Stadium concert from 1975 & even an astronaut floating through space! All the media can be found here on my website as well as on all of Elton John's official social media platforms. You can check out the amazing videos & much more on this exciting project by visiting my Farewell Tour page. 

What an honor & what a wild ride!

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Cheers & here's to Elton!

- Rus

Rus Anderson as Elton John live in The Rocket Man Show

Live Shows are BACK!

Rus Anderson as Elton John The Rocket Man Show Tribute Clash Of The Cover Bands Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Hercules! (Pictured in St. Petersburg, Florida).

Rus Anderson as Elton John The Rocket Man Show Tribute Clash Of The Cover Bands Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Grey Seal! (Pictured in St. Petersburg, Florida).

*New* See Rus in "Clash of the Cover Bands" on E!

rus anderson as elton john clash of the cover bands the rocket man show

Now Playing; Episode 10 - Platinum Icons

I'm excited to announce that I am currently featured in Jimmy Fallon's new reality show on E! - 'Clash of the Cover Bands'! The show is hosted by tWitch from 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' & features Queen front man Adam Lambert, Grammy winner Meghan Trainor & songwriter Ester Dean as judges. The competition pits 2 cover bands head-to-head for the chance to win $25,000 & a performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The show is now underway - I battle Erika Moul as Lady Gaga on Episode 10: Platinum Icons. Click HERE to watch the episode on E! 
Click HERE to see the lineup of artists in the series & much more! Click HERE to read my great article in The Tampa Bay Times about the show!

Check out my performance of "Saturday Night's Alright" below!! 

Lady Gaga v. Elton John

Elton's Official Farewell Tour Promo Video in VR!

Rus' photoshoot with elton john for the farewell tour!

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Behind The Scenes - Making Of 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road'

*NEW* Rus cast as 'hologram' Elton for augmented reality!

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